Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Rome: Total war - its a blast

I've been playing the new pc game Rome: Total War for the past few days, though I have barely even scratched the surface of it. Absolutely brilliant graphics that make you feel that you are there, standing on a hill with legions around you and a horde of barbarians about to sweep out of the woods and cut you to pieces.

Not so easy to find time for a blog with that going on. And it certainly takes one's mind off the relatively bloodless struggle to get up the steps at Barons Court. Now there's a good name for a game. Baron's Court, where you can command nasty armour-clad thugs who beat up peasants, intimidate bishops and monks, defy the King and terrorise your equally unpleasant neighbours in their chilly castles.

If it wasn't for Rome, the new long awaited version of Empire and the updated version of Pirates (God what a great gaming Xmas this is going to be), I'd be tempted to design it myself.

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