Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Problems, problems

Is there anything more depressing than to enter your place of work and be greeted by a barrage of colleagues going "The internet's down"? Well, yes, even more depressing is the MD saying there is a virus on her laptop. Couple the two (and bearing in mind how reliant we are on the Internet for anti-virus updates and general information) and this makes for a very serious morning indeed.

And the joys of being put on hold. I tried for about 40 minutes to reach our ISP. No joy. Fortunately our internet connection came back midmorning anyway. Then a long wait to get the antivirus people. I had time to fix the problem (I think) through sheer trial and error before they answered the phone.

Removing viruses is such a mindless job. Run a scan, see what is and is not automatically deleted, switch into safe mode, run utilities and registry checks, reboot, scan again....

So the haggard looking bloke slumped exhausted in his corner seat on the Piccadilly tonight will be me. Or someone with a similar job.

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