Thursday, October 27, 2005


Cough, sniff, oogh my aching head…your correspondent has a cold and is not feeling too great about it.  The only upside is that I took a day off work and thereby deprived myself of two train journeys.
>This morning I went back to work but left half an hour later. What a difference. There were only four people in the front compartment of my carriage, which seats 14, even when we left Hammersmith. This meant I wasn’t sneezing over anyone, which was the object of the exercise. There’s a much more relaxed atmosphere when you travel with what Bristow would undoubtedly describe as the “late-late crowd”. One might almost use the word “insouciant”, if only one was sure what it meant. A sort of clublike, we don’t need to scramble for seats, let’s take our time and enjoy the journey feeling.
Ah well, I’m feeling better today, especially with the unseasonable sunshine, so it will be back to normal tomorrow.

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