Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Are we getting there?

Another exciting development in the ongoing rebuilding will-it-never-end saga of Ruislip Manor station. They switched on the information signs. Before you gasp with astonishment and call for smelling salts and therapy, let us review the facts. The sign said “Eastbound trains, Metropolitan and Piccadilly Lines” and gave the correct time. But that was all. It did not say when we could expect the next train and its destination. As I strolled up the platform a Piccadilly came in. The information display remained blank. So the intentions appear to be good and the delivery remains as crap as ever.

Oh, and on entry to the station the handwritten status board advised Piccadilly line users to go to Rayners Lane. This normally means that all Piccs are turning round there. But they were running as usual, as I have already informed you. So we have here, your honour, a clear case of no information on the electronic system and misinformation on the manual system. The prosecution rests.

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