Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mutterings #1

You know how people are always stereotyping today’s youth. Let me add my two penn’orth* to the debate.

Last night I was leaving Ruislip Manor station. As I touched my ticket on the exit gate, a young man went out of the emergency gate (the station is unmanned at night). There was a loud bleep but he took no notice. Presumably he had no ticket.
I now draw the jury’s attention to the fact that he was wearing a hood. Exhibit three in this catalogue of shame is that he went directly into a fast-food chicken’n’ribs outlet where he greeted another similar person.

So I tut-tutted (quietly) and moved on. If young people wish to wear clumsy and ugly clothing, ruin their digestions and long-term health, and break the law, then I guess it is their lookout.

*Two penn’orth m’lud? An ancient expression, derived from “two pennies worth”, meaning not a lot. Actually two pennies were worth something,  <begin northern accent> When I were a lad (strike up brass band and sepia-coloured jerky film footage) you could buy 8 chews for two pennies. More nourishment there than in a bargain bucket of dubious chicken-based grease sticks any day.

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