Thursday, November 30, 2006


Arriving at my tube station yesterday, I was met with an old familiar announcement, about delays on the Piccadilly Line. There was, apparently, no service between Hammersmith and Uxbridge. Whether that meant they were turning them round at Hammersmith was not clear, because if they were then there was no service to Heathrow either and that is important to many travellers. And if they were running trains to Heathrow then presumably they were running them from Hammersmith to Acton Town, so what they really meant was either that there was no service on the Rayners Lane branch or that there were no services at all west of Hammersmith.
And while I was mulling this over a wave of calm and relaxation broke over me and my soul was refreshed, if not gladdened. For I was not travelling by the benighted Piccadilly but the dear old Metropolitan and was not in the least concerned by signal failures at Acton (The cause of the problem as it turned out) or any other defect. And lo! A Metropolitan duly arrived and my journey commenced.
I don’t take any sadistic pleasure in the travails of would-be Piccadilly users forced to take a longer route this morning. It is just that the announcement brought back so many memories, none of them enjoyable. Indeed, one of the main reasons for writing this blog was as an outlet for my frustrations and dissatisfaction with the daily commute. So, Piccadilly users, I feel your pain. I really do, honest.

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