Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Sunday in April

To the Albert Hall, for a concert featuring not only one of my company’s artists but an orchestral group of which my wife has just become the administrator. We drove down from beautiful Ruislip, encountered heavy traffic in Kensington (road works), very heavy traffic coming back around Hanger Lane (cause unknown but exacerbated by a broken down van in the middle of the A40, pointless sets of traffic lights at many streets where they could easily be turned off and near impossible parking around the Hall itself  - we managed to find one space near the back of Imperial College.  All this on what should have been a quiet Sunday. Admittedly the gorgeous spring weather must have attracted many into London, but it is sad that travelling into this city so often is such hard (and expensive) work.

Ah well, Easter approaches. One thing that we will not be doing is driving into London. At least the countryside is close to us here.

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