Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clammed up

My usual Metropolitan train did not arrive this morning at Ruislip Manor. Nor did the next one. When a Piccadilly came in sight, I knew I had time to go back down the steps to the ticket office and ask what was going on. No point in watching the electronic information board on the platform - it displays no useful information. No point in pressing the "information" button on the "help" console on the platform - invariably there is a recorded message saying the operator is busy.
The man in the ticket office was not too happy about being disturbed and I found it hard to hear him through the thick glass screen but eventually we established that a Met was due. He gave me no explanation.  I went back up the steps where a train was indeed incoming.  The public address system provided no enlightenment. Nor did the driver of the packed train, nor any other station announcer. At Harrow a train stood alongside on the fast platform, looking suspiciously empty and people on my train hesitated to take it until eventually a grudging announcer told us to stay put. But not why. We continued on our way, with the empty train moving in step until it was taken out of service at Wembley Park.
Arriving at my destination, Waterloo, I discovered that apparently the Met had delays on the Amersham branch.
I don't see why any problem out at Amersham can affect services from Watford or Uxbridge, but if it does, is it so hard to tell the passengers?

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