Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas in Cologne

To Cologne via Eurostar and Thalys/ICE for a couple of days of high class pottering amidst the Christmas markets. The trains were on time and as always provided an almost effortless way to travel. Alas, I can make no observations on commuting because we did not need to use the Cologne underground system. The only problem on the trip was the rowdy and stupid behaviour of some Man City fans gathered outside a pub, making all the other English tourists shrink away in disgust. Why do they think anyone cares which team they support? Why do they have to chant their tuneless dirges?
Today I glanced through an Evening Standard from last week and saw a letter from someone unable to detrain at Kings Cross because of overcrowding. I was also caught by this on Tuesday night, unable to board a train at Euston Square because trains were not stopping there either. And yet plenty of trains were running. Perhaps if they stopped at Kings Cross they might have taken away some of the people causing the overcrowding, then there would cease to be a problem. Just a thought.

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