Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new week pt 2 - Things get worse

Four days in a row now, that the Metropolitan has operated a poor service. Today's special - severe delays due to overrunning of engineering works, according to the notice in the station entrance. So whilst stood on the platform at Ruislip Manor what do I hear? The announcer tells us a good service is running on the Piccadilly. On the Met, about which me and many of my fellow commuters are keenly concerned, nothing. No word as to the next train, the length of the severe delays, not even a hint of apology. To this faithful steward, this custodian of customer care, the Met and its passengers no longer existed and were not worthy of even a breath of comment. What a total ****.

Amusingly enough (he's got an unusual sense of humour, you know: Ed) my usual train then arrived, a few minutes late, but was only going to Harrow. So this would mean getting out and taking a chance that something might be running further south. Neither the driver nor the announcer bothered to mention this. I decided to wait for the next Piccadilly, not fancying yet another day of hanging about at Wembley Park which seemed to be all that the Met could offer, and got in ok but once again late because that route is both longer and slower than the Met.


  1. Isaac3:01 pm

    I was told at Baker Street yesterday evening that the delays yesterday were caused by - check this out - a "quadruple signal failure" at Finchley Road.

  2. Thanks for this. Sounds very painful. I wasn't aware that LU were using quadruple signals, or even that such a device existed.

    Still, its nice to hear a new excuse for a change.