Thursday, August 20, 2009

The great heatwave of '09

Temperatures in London hit 30c yesterday. Nothing special about that, except that this followed several weeks of dull and cool weather, and today we are back to wind. rain and cloud. So it seems that yesterday will be fondly remembered as the great heatwave of 2009, and children yet unborn will marvel when their grandparents tell them how we endured the awful conditions and the sleepless nights [I think you mean 'night': Ed].

Naturally I chose this night of all nights to be in the sweltering Royal Albert Hall for a Prom.

But I have to hand it to LU - the timetable for the Piccadilly back to beautiful Ruislip said there would be a train leaving South Kensington at 22:21 and there was. And had it not been for the young man with the leaky earphones listening to the inevitable high-pitched thud of "dance" noise [he means music: Ed] all would have been well.

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