Monday, January 25, 2010

A little bit of luck

I missed my normal Metropolitan train in to work this morning and caught the one 5 minutes behind. Arriving at Finchley Road we were told that, due to signal failure, no trains were proceeding to Baker Street and the Met was suspended. No real problem, we all crossed the platform and filled up the incoming Jubilee and carried on our merry way. At Baker Street I crossed to the Bakerloo line to continue my usual journey.

During the morning I kept an eye on the online status reports and live departure boards. It looks as though the trains just ahead of mine were stuck in the tunnel for some time. So had I been on time this morning, I would not have been (nice use of subjunctive - Ed). In fact had I run up the steps to catch the train I missed, then I would have been hopping mad (when I got my breath back which these days takes a fair while).

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