Monday, July 12, 2010

Continental sojourn

Back from a very pleasant holiday in Germany and Czech, travelling by rail all the way. Deutsche Bahn failed to impress, running one intercity train an hour late and so mixing up the wagon and seat layout on another that we had angry scenes with people occupying the seats we had reserved (and vice versa). But the first class service on Eurostar was a joy as always and we enjoyed the excellent metro system in Prague where the air-conditioned stations and trains were beautifully cold despite the heatwave that made it almost unbearable to be out in the sun during the afternoons.  And so home to the non air-conditioned trains on the tube but at least there was no delay in our final journey of the holiday, the Uxbridge bound Metropolitan from Kings Cross.

You may be wondering why there are no pictures of the ice-cream stalls in the section of this website devoted to that subject. We did not eat a lot of ice-cream on this trip, oddly enough. One of us drank a lot of beer and the other iced tea. The one day we did indulge was at the Movenpick Hotel in Prague where they certainly know how to charge. The most exotic ice-cream stalls were in Nuremburg, a city that, sadly, had the medieval heart ripped out during the war and has been rebuilt as a modern shopping centre. We did not linger.

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