Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Engineering overruns

My opinion is that the Metropolitan line has been fairly good in recent months; many others disagree and my local paper ran a story, quoting me as a typical commuter or something, which I no longer am, on the basis of a report that the Met was getting far more than a fair share of customer charter refund claims for delays.

So with that in mind, I breezed down to my local station yesterday to make my normal journey to Waterloo only to encounter a notice that the Met was entirely suspended south of Harrow, as was the Jubilee. The culprit was engineering works at Neasden depot, thus snookering both lines comprehensively. I resorted to my first fall-back, the arthritic Piccadilly and some 20 minutes later than planned, and lower back aching somewhat from the soggy seating, emerged into the South London murk.

Coming home that night there were posters apologising for the suspension, described as "unacceptable" and a promise of automatic refunds to Oyster card users. This is a step forward, though I am baffled how they will know who to credit since many may have used different routes altogether and so cannot be selected for refund - presumably they must make manual claims.

Anyway, one bad journey should not change one's opinion so let us see if the unacceptable is more than just a form of words but translates into action.

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