Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ruislip, SW15

I noticed a correction in today's Grauniad (I only take it for its excellent coverage of pro-am celebrity tiddly-winks) referring to beautiful Ruislip. You can read the whole shocking feature here but, in essence, the fine but somewhat careless folk at the Garudian had placed our noble borough in (oh the shame, oh the horror) in South (pronounced 'sarf'), London, in a story about the mayor, one B. Johnson, opening yet another library to add to our world-renowned collection of cultural artefacts. [another long and complex sentence. I've told you about this before:Ed]

Anyway let me clarify matters for those who like to believe everything they read in the press. Ruislip is firmly placed in the most elegant part of North-West London, has no intentions of moving and even if it did it would be to somewhere suitable such as the outskirts of Cheltenham, Harrogate or Bath. South of the river? No way. We will defend to the death our right to remain as far north of it as geography permits and if that requires diverting the ancient and historic river Pinn to make a stronger barrier against those who would rob us of our birthright, then I know that we will make the sacrifice. [Time for your medication: Ed]

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