Friday, November 09, 2012

That's the way to do it

I promised, in my last missive, to report the moment I completed an effortless journey from beautiful Ruislip to my new office at Farringdon. It happened this morning and again on the return. On the morning run not only was my train from Ruislip bound for Aldgate, so need to change at all, but on arrival at Harrow there was a fast Aldgate awaiting us. And get this - there was time to cross the platform to board it, there were seats going and it left promptly.  The return was even simpler for, reaching Farringdon somewhat later than usual having had a farewell drink for a departing colleague, an Uxbridge appeared within three minutes and I was able to read horror stories on my little smartphone undisturbed.

So we can draw a neat line under this particular affair and file the papers away under "S" for "sorted". [er, what papers? Did I miss something? :Ed]

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