Wednesday, February 05, 2014


A couple of ISPs*, with whom I have a business relationship, have emailed me to advise of the new domains that are coming into effect. There has never been any particularly good reason for internet addresses to be restricted to ".com", ".org", "" and the like. Now a plethora of new dot endings are here, or will be here shortly,  including ".clothing", ".bike" and ".plumbing". I can see how this sort of name will be useful. But the contents of an email I received today from one of the ISPs are giving me some considerable difficulty for this one suggests that I should rush to register a new name ending ".guru".

Now why on earth would I do that? What does say to you? To me it says pretentious tosser. And how many real gurus are there? And of those, how many are customers of the ISP that is touting this particular domain extension? There are millions more commuters than there are gurus. Why don't we have our own domain? Strong and worthy questions, I think you'll agree. I think I might even pay real money for ruislip.commuter. Not a lot, mind. But when you have a valuable brand you need to protect it. So when the sunrise process, or whatever they call it, begins for this particular domain I shall be first in the queue. Unless it costs more than £5. In which case I won't be.

[Internet Service Provider: Ed]

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