Monday, May 19, 2014

Lines on the passing of J.S.Magruder

So farewell then Jeb Magruder
In your time there was scarce a cruder
Plot to thwart the Democrats, objects of your hate.
With Mitchell, Liddy, Dean you chewed a
Cunning plan not out of place in Buda-
Pest or similar spy-ridden town of late

Your men broke in; in secret glued a
Phone bug but there was a rude a-
Wakening from the defenders of the State.
The coverup failed and you were sued; a
Searchlight shone o’er all your brood.
Your Waterloo was at the Watergate.


[Jeb Stuart Magruder, implicated in the Watergate affair in his role as Deputy Director of the Campaign to Re-elect the President, died 11 May 2014 aged 79: Ed]

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