Friday, February 26, 2016

Am I mad or is the world insane? - 2 (Believers)

If the internet is good for one thing, it is by acting as a sewer into which the world's nutters can pour out their paranoid fantasies. And if it keeps them off the streets then jolly good. If you want proof, consider the near-illiterate comments posted by people on websites that stream live pictures from the International Space Station. They are uninterested in the views of Earth or the wonders of space engineering. To a man (and they are pretty well all men, or at least male, judging by their names) they obsess about aliens, UFOs, the evil conspiracy perpertrated by NASA and how they alone know the grisly truth about the threats facing us, apart from the world governments who are hushing everything up, but our gallant defenders, scanning every little imperfection on the camera images, every strange reflection, every transient pixel, can see the ghastly aliens buzzing about our skies.

Everything is proof of the invaders from beyond.  If there is a light, it must be an alien spacecraft. If there is nothing but blackness then a) it proves that NASA is erasing the images of the aliens and b) the absence of the sun proves that NASA is doctoring the images. The facts that the light pouring back into space from the Earth will drown out everything apart from the moon and sun, and that pointing the cameras at the sun would under-expose everything else to the point of invisibility, are sidestepped by the brilliant tactic not discussing them

Why don't these people buy a telescope and look for themselves? Or would they invoke some conspiracy involving the telescope manufacturers whose lenses will blank out any aliens? Perhaps the aliens are too small to be seen from down here. In which they will not be seen from up there either unless they come very close to the ISS.

And it is an International station by the way. Not owned by NASA. Built by the Russians and crewed by astronauts from many countries. Yet all, apparently, part of the conspiracy.

There are a similar bunch of certifiable loonies over at the Flat Earth society. They insist that the world is a sort of saucer surrounded by huge ice walls. Yet they could so easily prove themselves right by hiring an aircraft and flying off to see the edge of the world. They do not so. I wonder why?

I guess I have answered my own question. It's the world. The world is insane. It produces people who believe anything other than things they could verify for themselves. You can't engage them in debate because they alone know the truth and all evidence to the contrary is manufactured by a conspiracy. So I won't return to this subject.

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