Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tinkling in the Goal Mouth

One of the more bizarre moments from today's sporting fixtures was undeniably to be found in the National League North football match between Bradford Park Avenue and Salford City. There are various reasons for a referee to send a player off, including a deliberate foul on an opponent with a clear chance to score, dangerous play and showing flagrant disrespect to the officials. But what on earth was going on in the Salford goal area towards the end of this match?

Tweets posted on Twitter this afternoon - Image manipulated a bit in order to fit onto this web page

Possibilities include:

  • Too freely imbibing of the half-time tea. They serve it pretty strong up north, I believe.
  • The play was so exciting the goalie couldn't cope.
  • There was a really dry bit of turf at the side of the goal line that was really distressing him.
  • It was for a bet.
  • He was marking his territory.
  • There was some badinage with the Bradford supporters massed behind his goal and somehow the phrase 'taking the piss' got taken literally
  • Upset by taunts about him leaking goals, he decided to show he could leak something else
And so on. If you have any further suggestions do please write in to the Editor. He has no interest in sport and it will really wind him up.

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