Monday, November 29, 2004

Another Monday

Monday Morning. I have an important meeting and need to be in Hammersmith by 9:00. I arrive at Ruislip Manor before 8:20. A Met line arrives and I travel to Rayners Lane. And guess what - there is a major problem at Rayners Lane and they say that there is a highly restricted Piccadilly service, and the platform is so crowded that the staff are asking people to move along. And then the staff advise people to use the Met line. But they wait until the train I was on has pulled out so I have to get the next one, which is more than 10 minutes later.

And I get to Hammersmith eventually, the long way round via Baker Street (but must admit the Hammersmith & City Train came promptly) and wait for a bus and get to my meeting more than 30 minutes late.

Olympic bid? Just say no. Stuff the athletes and the TV fat cats. Put the money into the basic maintenance that the system desparately needs.

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