Friday, November 19, 2004

Avoiding death on the walk to work

My daily journey from underground station to work requires a crossing of the A4 near Hammersmith. This is one of the busiest roads in London. It is only safe, indeed only possible (because of barriers), to cross at traffic lights. Where I cross, there is no left turn for oncoming traffic. Safe? Nope.

Yesterday a car swerved left and turned into the A4,ignoring the "No Left Turn" signs and the green pedestrian lights. I was close enough to touch it and had to dodge out of his way. Today I was a few yards from another. These guys are no different to attempted murderers. They ignore the lights and people crossing. They just assume that people will get out of their way while they make their illegal move. Now if we had instant fines for violaters, and a policman with a camera sat himself down at that junction each morning, he could make a very tasty sum indeed. How about it Mr. Blunkett? A nice little earner and leading to a reduction in dangerous driving.

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