Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Not a good morning

Warning: if you don't want a depressing read then skip this article.

It all started with a wet walk down to Ruislip (my normal station, Ruislip Manor, being closed with rebuilding). They told us there were delays on the Metropolitan. So my usual Piccadilly (which did come in time, the only thing to go right today) was overcrowded by the time we had reached Sudbury Town just 5 stops on.

Stopped outside Acton Town. After ten minutes or so the driver told us that we were being held because there was a faulty District Line train blocking our route. We move off and as we leave Acton the driver tells us we are making a stop at Turnham Green. Doesn't say why. We stop there. A long wait. A couple of District Line's come in alongside and go. Then we are told there is a security alert at Hammersmith and no Piccadilly's are running.

Oh well never mind, here is another city-bound District line. So we all change. It gets one stop down the line and stops at Stamford Brook and now we are told that no trains are running through Hammersmith.

So a long wet walk to find a bus. We crawl (slower than walking) into Hammersmith where the northern entrance (but not the exit) to the bus station is closed by police, and indeed the tube is also shut and ringed by police. So we drive around to the southern entrance and a few moments leave by the northern exit. No idea why the entrance was shut, obviously not on safety concerns or they should not have allowed the bus into the station at all.

At last I debark from the bus, at 10:10 and reach my office after a journey of 1 hour and 50 minutes to go about 12 miles.

There, I told you not to read it.

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