Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Better Late...

Got home last night to see a lady wearing a red rosette leaving the house. Aha, I thought, it's the Labour canvasser dropping off their candidate's leaflet. But I was wrong, she was from Save the Children.
A few hours later a rustle at the letterbox and the long awaited flyer was on the mat. Only 4 pictures of the candidate - what's going on here? I've been deluged with pictures of the Tory and LibDem guys. I mean, if I don't have the image of the bloke imprinted deep within my brain how can I be expected to vote for him?
This morning Brian Sedgemore, a retiring Labour MP, announced his defection to the LibDems citing disillusion with Tony over Iraq. Now we can expect a barrage of comments from the Party explaining how marginal and unrepresentative he is, and generally rubbishing everything he has done in 27 years in Parliament.
Funniest story of the Election so far - John Prescott (You loved him as "Rocky" in 2001) badmouthing a local journalist in Wales who dared to ask him about yet another defection. "I'm a national politician, I don't care about Wales" said the Deputy Prime Minister. Yes, that should get the hearts of the solid Labour voters in the valleys beating a little quicker. Read the whole wonderful story. You couldn't make it up.

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