Friday, April 22, 2005

It's Hotting Up

Arrived home last night to find no less than 3 election flyers - Conservative, LibDem and Green. Mike Cox of the LibDems is clearly trying for a Simon Hoggart award for the candidate with the most photos of themselves in a single leaflet - I counted 12. Nothing from Labour.
And then, great excitement, a knock on the door and a polite gentleman introducing himself as the local Conservative councillor and asking if his party had my support. Now I always plan to tell all canvassers that of course I will support their party, so that they go away quickly and if this gives them a false impression about voting trends, then well and good, keep the buggers in suspense I say. But he was so polite and unaggressive I didn't have the heart to lie, so I just told him I was unlikely to be on his side. Mrs. Commuter cheered him up when she said she had voted Tory in the past but she didn't give him any encouragement about what she may do this time. He took it manfully, gave me a photo of Nick Hurd and departed, sadder but wiser.

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