Wednesday, September 28, 2005

8 in a row

Yes, on Monday night there were 8 Heathrow trains in the space of about 25 minutes departing from Hammersmith. And nothing going up to Rayners Lane. Which made me and several hundred fellow passengers late, half an hour in most cases.
Reason? None given
Apologies? Grudging and vague
Information? None. The station attendant at Hammersmith repeatedly told us that a Ruislip was on its way, it appeared on the indicator but it never came. He phoned Barons Court, was told that one was there and on its way but it never came. He then gave up and advised everyone to go to Acton Town in case a shuttle was running. It wasn’t. When my train finally arrived, it was of course packed to the bilges and I had to stand until South Harrow, having already stood around a lot on the platforms. Not much fun for someone with a damaged foot (don’t ask; let’s just say that standing is not advised by my doctor).

A fairly normal night’s work then for the gallant lads and lasses who like to think of us as “customers”.

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