Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hail the Autumn

The summer is over, the Ashes are won, it’s raining and the seats are filling up on the Underground. Actually it’s not too busy yet and I can still easily find a seat on the homeward journey. Yet the holidays are certainly over. People have opined that the July bombings reduced travel on the Underground and I wonder if this is the reason. There seemed to be fewer tourists on the trains as well.

I’d love to give up the daily hassle of train commuting and cycle in to work but I live just too far away. The idea of weaving through the traffic for about an hour each way, come rain or shine, is not appealing. If only the current petrol crisis (yes, dear reader, we are supposedly once again living through threatened refinery blockades and panic buying as motorists top up at every opportunity and queues for filling stations block the roads – I say supposedly because although there was real panic in North West London on Monday and several roads were almost impassible, there is no interruption to supplies unlike in 2000), as I say, if only the current petrol crisis would stimulate the production of light, cheap and safe electric cars then much would be better.

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