Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Computers - don'tcha just hate them?

It was meant to be a routine swap of a faulty tape drive in our main server at work. But when the new unit was put in, the server failed to boot up correctly. We took the new unit out and played around with the jumpers and then on boot up got a blue screen of death with an error indicating a failure of the boot disk. Great. Four hours later, after much swapping of disks and bits and pieces, running the repair program from the original installation CDs fixed the problem and I left the office a lot later than usual.

Anyway, got straight on a Bakerloo at Waterloo and my Uxbridge bound Met came within two minutes at Baker Street so I least I returned to beautiful Ruislip without the extra hassle of a bad journey. A pint of beer in JJ Moons (Twickenham ale, rather thin bodied and almost sour rather than bitter so I won't be trying that one again), a very large fish and chips (Mrs. Commuter being out at a concert) and some sense of normality was restored.

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