Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Niggles - continued

You may have read yesterday's piece about the defective indicator board at Harrow on the Hill and perhaps thought "That's jolly interesting, I shall inspect the said item for myself on my very next visit". Well, you can't because the board is no more. Where it was is just a gap in the platform roof. So it is just as well that Ramblings took a quick photo and, with apologies for the inadequacies of my camera phone and having to take it at night, here is the shocking proof.

It was funny when I took it because at once there came an announcement saying "Will the person doing the flash photography stop, this is prohibited". I felt guilty until realising that as my phone does not have flash, the culprit was not me. Then coming down the platform I saw several bright flashes - this was the front lamp on a bike being wheeled along. It's these little incidents that are the very stuff of urban life, you know.

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