Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Morning trains on the Met were late yesterday because of "blocking back" at Wembley Park (no real reason given, presumably the usual overrunning of engineering works). Last night at Baker Street the platform indicator boards were not working; the staff made the odd announcement but if you missed it you had to play pot luck with the north-bound trains. And this morning we had a defective train at Baker Street that made us rather slow on the final tunnel section into that station.

Nothing special about any one of these incidents. A little worrying about the way they cluster. The Met is really showing its age. For example, there is an indicator board at Harrow on the Hill that has been broken for months. A pathetic sign has been stuck on it telling people to read the destinations shown on the front of the incoming trains instead. They have modern LCD displays at the stations further south but at Harrow, one of the major nodes on the network, the boards go back at least 40 years (I guess) and when they fail they stay failed.

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