Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No strike

Seems like the RMT strike planned for next week is off. Good. The problems it would have caused to Londoners, including your correspondent, were considerable. But another strike is pending on the Jubilee Line and Mr. Crow and his pals seems happy to down tools, fire up the braziers and loiter about closed stations at the drop of a ticket. They invariably talk about the management-union relationship. The tube-passenger relationship means nothing. There is something fundamentally rotten with a system where public sector workers can treat their paying customers with such contempt. Yes, there are times when the union has a good case and needs to defend its members. But there has got to be a better way than the general strike in which both sides lose something and the passengers, who have no say in the matter, lose as well.

My solution? To reduce my dependance on the Tube. I'll be working less this year and if that results in not going into town at all, no problem. No problem at all. [er, what about the future of this blog? Ed]

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