Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not the End of the World

An insane "Christian", Harold Camping, predicted that God would begin destroying the world yesterday. In Ruislip, at any rate, the earthquakes were fairly mild, the great winds did little more than blow down a few rose petals, and the tsunami in our little pond merely disturbed a couple of pond-skaters.

How anybody can claim to believe in an eternal and omnipotent spirit of love and at the same time claim to believe that that spirit will destroy the glory of his creation is beyond my comprehension. But I wish I had a few of Mr Camping's moronic followers living nearby - I could have made a fortune buying up their property last week.

Some of these people are quoted as saying they managed their affairs so as to spend everything they had, based on the double delusion that the world would end and that they would be amongst those to be taken up. We have been here before - with the nutters who took to the woods in December 1999 believing that the millenium bug would end civilisation. I think God puts them on the earth to give the rest of us a good laugh. I mean - do you really think the world will end before the last matchday of the Premier League season?

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