Friday, September 20, 2013

The airline to avoid

Apparently Ryanair, the airline that likes to say "Sod off" to its customers, is suffering a downturn in sales and the management are reported as thinking that maybe it is its attitude that is to blame. I hope they are right and I am glad they have admitted it. This is the airline that has told passengers in the past not to bring luggage  because they could buy whatever was needed on arrival. The airline that routinely advertises low fares but not the compulsory extra charges when you attempt to make a booking on their website. The airline that has been credibly reported as looking into whether passengers could stand, using strap-hangers similar to the Underground, throughout a flight (not to mention waiting for take-off and hanging about after landing). The airline that has, I believe, seriously thought about charging for use of the toilet during a flight. And, on the same BBC report linked to above, the airline that charges a stupid amount, way in excess of the air fare, should you need to rebook or change the name on a ticket.

I have never flown Ryanair and have no intention of so doing, certainly not until the present senior management no longer have anything to do with the company and there has been a significant change to the way they do business. And even then I probably won't, because flying is so unpleasant even with the better airlines and, as I have commented before, there is really no reason, baring some family emergency or special holiday, why I should ever need to do so again. So if my foregoing remarks get me put on to the Ryanair blacklist - no problem, guys, no problem at all.

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