Friday, September 13, 2013

Why, oh why...( no 5 for this rather ill-tempered series) Apple, Microsoft and other major software providers think that all sound files are songs? They don't even use the word "music" to describe them. No, each track is a "song". Most of my sound files are not music at all - they are radio comedy shows, plays and audio books. Much of my music collection comprises instrumental works.

The misuse of words by commerce is always a source of great irritation. I suppose the battle to restore "typeface" to its rightful place and to relegate "font" to mean a particular size, weight and slant of that typeface is lost for the moment. The word "manager" has ceased to mean someone who manages (directs the work of others) and means (in the words of Bill Oddie) "anything you want it to be". As does "executive". And don't get me started on "customer service".

But the assumption that any sound recording is a song indicates the cultural barbarism of the software houses, their obsession with teenagers and their ignorance about, well, just about everything really. I have at least managed to rename the "My music" folder that Windows 7 insisted on creating for me, even though I did not want it to, as "Sounds".  I suppose it will get renamed back one fine day after yet another round of system updates.

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