Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A half-baked strike

I was wrong when I wrote last week that the strike called by the RMT union would cripple the tube from Monday evening to Friday morning. The strike finishes tonight so the tube should be back to normal tomorrow (Thursday) morning. And although it has caused serious disruption to normal services the tube is not crippled. Every line has run services today, (apart from the Waterloo & City) and the vast majority of stations are open. I was able to reach my drama group after all, although there were long delays, and the fortuituous arrival of a bus just as I exited Finchley Road station meant I wasn't late (but it needed a sprint to catch the bus, and that sprint began on the platform because I knew, thanks to my smartphone app, that the bus was only a couple of minutes away).

At least it was a beautifully warm and sunny day and sitting out on the platforms waiting for the trains was a pleasant enough way to pass the time. I guess retirement from the daily grind does have some consolations.

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