Monday, April 28, 2014

Steaming in Kent

Amidst the castles and quaint old harbour towns of South East England, where Mrs. Commuter and I found ourselves last weekend, there was time to travel at the slower pace of the steam train. And when you see a gentleman of advanced years staggering out to work the level crossing gates behind which very patient local motorists are penned, or when your train halts for eight minutes to take on water, you realise why this is a form of transport unsuited to those in a hurry.
Manually operated level crossing at Tenterden
Leaving Rolvenden after watering
We travelled on the Kent and East Sussex line which plies the lovely valley of the Rother between Tenterden and Bodiam. First Class naturally (for the princely sum of £1 on top of the standard fare). You can stick your head out of the window and breathe in the country air (and the smoke). A pleasure the modern commuter can never know.

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