Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dodging the bullets

I took the tube to Finchley Road on Tuesday and Wednesday for rehearsals and then a final performance with my AmDram group.  On Tuesday the outward journey was fine. I looked idly at my phone, as one does, during a lull and noted that the Met had severe delays, and no trains were running to Uxbridge, though there were services up to Amersham and Watford. Ho, hum. Fortunately, by the time I was ready for the return journey, this had turned round and I waited only two minutes for my train whilst hapless Watford-bound passengers could only stand and stare. Yesterday as I arrived at dear old Ruislip Manor station, but was still in the street, my phone once again displayed the dread warning of doom (for a new problem, not a continuation) and this was compounded by the arrival of a train exactly in time for me to miss it*. Not to worry, only six minutes to the next one so no harm done.

Bearing in mind that tube strikes were threatened for these very days - which would have made it impossible for me to make my appearance before my adoring fans (all two of them), there being no other practicable way of getting there - and you may imagine my feelings of gratitude for a successful couple of trips.

*Yes, the old problem of dashing through the ticket machines and up 42 steps, knowing all the while that the sight at the top would be passengers inside the train smirking as the doors closed whilst I remain without.

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