Saturday, March 26, 2016

Am I mad or is the world insane? -3 (Twitter)

I don't use Twitter a lot. However, as a Londoner, being able to follow travel tweets from the BBC and London Underground is very useful. Naturally it is only the most recent that I wish to see.

Twitter brought in a feature called "While you were away". This showcases tweets that were issued shortly after the last time you logged on and puts them ahead of the most recent. Apparently this is a feature we need, although only Twitter knows how these particular tweets are selected. As a user I am unable to remove this feature nor can I say which twitterers are those whose utterings are dearest to my heart.

The upshot is that whenever I log in I am first presented with old travel news - perhaps 12 or 18 hours old - and then, below the stuff so out-of-date it may as well be inscribed on vellum, rolled up and stored in the basement of the House of Lords, the current and useful news items that I really, actually, genuinely, do wish to see because they are bang up to date and may actually, genuinely and really affect my travel plans.

I gather that Twitter is beginning to struggle as a business. Hardly surprising if they take a clever idea then tweak it to death with features that undermine the entire point of the application - its topicality.

[update]. I have discovered that refreshing the web page makes Twitter believe you have caught up with the old stuff and it resorts everything into the correct order. 

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