Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The EU referendum 4 - Waiting for Rupert

Although he is not British and does not live here, has recently married an American and appears to love little but money, it seems that Mr. R Murdoch, owner of The Times, The Sun, great chunks of our television and as much of the rest of the world's media as he can manage, is now about to intervene in our referendum.  According to The Guardian, (a newspaper owned and managed by British citizens not by a weasel Australian who changed his nationality to comply with US laws about media ownership), Mr. Murdoch will decide which way his organ of popular opinion will go.

The editors of The Sun always used to insist that they did not shape opinion, they voiced what their readers were thinking and wanting. How strange that they are not doing so on this occasion. Perhaps the difficulty in which  they find themselves is that their readers are divided into those who want in, those who want out, those who are trying to make up their minds, those who would are waiting to see what their favourite actors/sportsmen/celebrities say and those who, when asked, will reply "European union mate? Blimey, it's bad enough with the trade unions over here" before ordering another pint and turning back to scrutinise the runners at Chepstow. So, baffled by the lack of steer from their readers, and with the Conservative party split down the middle, the poor editors, unable to make up their own minds, (poor dears, they only produce the most popular newspaper in the country; now we expect them to form reasoned arguments all on their own), are asking Dad.

Dad of course has his own problems. He wants to take control of all of UK television. He needs a friendly face at number 10 to let him in. If he backs the loser he might fail.So this is a high stakes decision for the American gentleman, who now has the chance to change the shape of the British state to suit his own short-term interests.

When I become king no person who is not a British citizen residing and domiciled here for tax purposes will be permitted to own any media outlet above a certain size. I give you my pledge.

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