Friday, February 05, 2010

A cluster of unfortunate events

The Metropolitan line is having a bad patch. Several days of delays due to the usual reasons but it has suddenly worsened. Last night no service (person under a train at Finchley Road), this morning a problem at Uxbridge and, incredibly, my train then held at Wembley Park for 4 minutes because it was "early". I scanned the TFL website when I got to work and there are no trains between Wembley Park and Aldgate because of emergency engineering work at Baker Street. Odd this, because the Circle is also down with emergency work at Barbican.

The service is really odd anyway because they are doing something to the platforms at Baker Street to prepare for the new trains and I no longer recognise any of the train numbers during the morning. This morning they have put up a new barrier extending beyond the edge of platform 1 - not sure if they are actually lengthening the platform or if it is just a safety precaution.

Next week through trains will not stop at Baker Street. Trouble is most of the trains in the morning are through trains. So more buggering about will ensue. At least there is always the option of changing to a Jubbly at Finchley Road, if only they were not so crowded.

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