Saturday, February 27, 2010

May I just check your Oystercard, Mr. Bond?

An advert in the train has the strapline "What is the date of birth of the person sitting on your right? You have three stops". The logos at the top read MI6 and SIS. I say logos but since these are the initials of the British Secret Service, one can hardly think that they form part of a brand recognition programme. They look like something knocked up by Moneypenny in Wordstar 3.0 during her lunchbreak.

Anyway this is a recruitment ad and they want people in search of an interesting career to apply. All so different from the cosy world of the past where promising young men would be approached by their tutors at University and given the chance of a lifetime to explore their latent homosexuality and then spy on behalf of the Russians.
 [added a few days later]
Here at last is the ad, hastily snapped on the Bakerloo just before everyone crowded in at Piccadilly Circus tonight.

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