Saturday, February 20, 2010

Met hassles

The Met is running below par at the moment, whilst they rebuild platforms at Baker Street in readiness for the new trains. Platform 1 has been extended and is not yet operational, and they have cut the Uxbridge service. The through trains from the city are running as usual but they are always crowded. I always go for a train that starts at Baker Street whenever possible, knowing that this guarantees a comfortable seat. Without this fallback I am currently forced to take the first available train and change at Harrow.

Last night was fairly typical. First two trains out were Watfords. Got one starting at platform 4 (so nice seat) then waited 10 minutes at Harrow. Not much fun really. And Harrow still has the ancient indicator boards that merely tell you the destination of the next train. At the three next London-bound stations the indicators are the modern type informing you of the next three or four trains with arrival times. I am amazed and baffled that Harrow, one of the most important stations on the Met, is stuck so defiantly in the early twentieth century.

I learn from the invaluable District Dave forums that Platform 1 at Baker Street will reopen on 28 February (this information is not available to the general public). Let's hope they begin running a normal Uxbridge service again.

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