Saturday, December 01, 2012


The Guardian has a feature today comparing luxury goods with a the cheapest feasible alternatives and my eye was drawn to a violet Ralph Lauren Black Label Ricky tote, which at a mere £16,195 from Harrods must surely find a way to every woman's Xmas stocking this year. But never mind the eye-watering price tag - I had not hitherto heard of the combo Ralph Lauren Black - Ralph Lauren I know but who or what is Black? Well, to some of us of a certain age, the words "Black" and "handbag" can mean only one thing - yes, the evil Mrs. Black, (Denise Coffey with sneer) armed with her horrible handbag. who threatened to take over the world so often and so memorably in the legendary TV show Do not adjust your set; thwarted only by the brilliance of the super-super-hero Captain Fantastic (David Jason in silly moustache and flasher style raincoat).

I don't know what the Harrod's version does but I think we should all be very afraid.

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