Friday, December 21, 2012

The end of the world, again, (yawn)

Nutters round the world will be looking around them today going "Duh...what happened" as yet again for about the forty thousandth time in the history of homo sapiens, a group of loonies forecast the end of the world and a group of drooling morons believed them.

  • Fact - not one "ancient" writing about the end of the world has ever been true or in the slightest way relevant to anything.
  • Fact - all the people who think the end is at hand will merely roll forward the date and start panicking about that.
  • Fact - the Mayans actually forecast that today was the feast of the great Literary Rambler from the Beautiful Suburb and substantial donations of cash should be made to appease him. Scholars are not totally sure what they referred to, but anyone really worried about apocalypse should insure their survival by adhering to this remarkable wisdom. Get in touch with me for lo! I can show you the way to lighten your soul (and your bank balance).
  • Fact - not everything written above may be strictly true. 
  • [isn't there something about the need to appease the great Editor of the beautiful suburb? :Ed]

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