Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Great Fish Tank Disaster of '12

Regular readers (or even casual ones with a roving eye) will know that there is a long-standing association between your correspondent and the, frankly rather brilliant, website devoted to the cartoon character "Bristow". One of the best known features of the strip is the story of the Great Tea Trolley Disaster of '67, a catastrophe that struck the offices of the Chester-Perry Building and seared the lives of the survivors. And now real life has imitated art for, thanks to the BBC, we can read about, and gape at, the Chinese equivalent. I look forward to seeing the full report in the bumper winter number of the Communist Party House Journal.

Postscript. I did not realise that the second word in the title of this piece was "Geat" until the middle of January. Ed, your job is on the line.

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