Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Am I mad or is the world insane - 4? (Premier League)

I alluded a couple of days ago to the unexpected success of Leicester City FC in this season's Premier League contest. The failure of Tottenham Hotspur to defeat Chelsea yesterday confirms Leicester as champions. Jolly well done.

And that should be that. But this story is the splash in my daily paper 1 and has been given full prominence as the number one news story of the day on the BBC (as well as being the number one sports story). This is ludicrous. If you have a dedicated sports section in every news programme then that is where this story belongs. If not, ok, it is a story that could rank third or fourth of the day. It is not particularly important and for the millions of us who couldn't really give a toss about the Premiership (or indeeed, for football though that is not the case with your correspondent who continues to favour a certain non-league side) it is incomprehensible that we are supposed to care. Someone has to win the league. It doesn't matter how good or bad, whether the owners are from the UK (they are not), the manager is from the UK (he is not), most of the players are from the UK (do me a favour, this is the Premier League we are talking about here), someone will win anyway but why that should matter to anyone not actually resident in the city where this bunch of non-UK people kick balls around, I have no idea.

1 Followed the next day by an 8 page special supplement.

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