Monday, May 09, 2016

The Conservative Party and the BBC

I suppose I have to note, with great sorrow, that once again one of our finest institutions is under attack by people who are motivated entirely by monetary considerations. The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, a Mr Whittingdale, [No, me neither: Ed] has previously expressed his view that the destruction of the BBC would be welcomed (by him). He is about to unveil proposals thought to extend Government control and to reduce the output and scheduling flexibility of the Beeb.

Ideological Conservatives loathe anything related to the state (armed forces and the Monarchy excepted, of course). But with the BBC there is a more sinister undercurrent. The Tories receive massive support from a number of media groups with interests in broadcasting. What could be simpler than to reward them by handing them a slice of the BBC's markets in exchange for cash (donations to the party) and continued biased news coverage. If you would like proof, consider the story in The Sun (ultimately owned by a non-Briton) who dismissed Gary Lineker as a " sniping, left-wing bore" for daring to criticise the Government's plans. A fairer paper might have declared its own interest (The Sun / News Corp / Sky TV) and declined to comment.

 The BBC is not only respected globally for the quality of its broadcasting but has over many years been the premier news source for people in countries where freedom was denied. This in turn has been a great advertisement for Britain and British values. Well, we can throw that out, can't we? If the Tories can keep the tabloid press on side then who on earth cares if this diminishes our country? Only a sniping left wing bore could possibly think it matters. Move over, Lineker, there are some people lining up alongside you, sniping equipment armed and ready to bore.

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