Monday, September 12, 2016

British ingenuity - the best in the world

A beautiful day in central London and the final day of the Tour of Britain so Mrs. C and I took ourselves to Regent Street to join the throngs. Although there were huge numbers of people in the streets, there were not so many standing by the barriers where the cyclists were due to make an alarmingly narrow U-turn so we took up position there.  Here you can see the peleton hurtling up towards us and then slowing almost to a halt as they squeezed round the curving barriers before shooting off back to Trafalgar Square.


    But the stars of the show were three intrepid technical crewmen. About half an hour before the race started they realised that a manhole cover in the middle of the road was loose; indeed every time a car went over it there was a loud clank. Would this pose a threat, perhaps send fifty of the world's top cyclists into an undignified heap of twisted metal and frayed shirts? The first thing was to inspect the problem and the boffins did not take too long before trying out the cure for all such ills - a bit of gaffer tape.

They tested it and it still wasn't right so what better than a bit more?

Job done, take a break fellers as the breakaway whizz around during lap 1.

And as there were no reports of anyone falling off at this position I think we can assume the tape is still there. Bad news for any modern-day Harry Limes seeking to escape from the police - they'll have to find another exit.

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