Thursday, September 15, 2016

Summer ends.

In fact, we can be quite precise. The British summer (alright then, the summer as perceived in beautiful Ruislip) came to an end today. At 16:25. Following three days of scorching heat a torrential thunderstorm has delivered about 1.8cm of rain within  half an hour. The thermometer outside my back door, close to 30c yesterday is down to a miserable 20.

The timing of this storm, coming as Mrs C and I were on a train returning home and within two minutes of our destination, was exquisite. There was a wash on the line in the back garden that up till that point was nicely dry. We reached the entrance to Ruislip Manor station to be greeted by a wall of water, both falling from the sky and running like a stream down the hill. It was several minutes before it seemed feasible to walk the short distance home. By that time the washing was about as wet as if still on the first rinse cycle.

As I pen these words (how I love that phrase) the thunder is cracking but the downpour has eased back to a more normal pace. The last time we had rain like this, a couple of months ago, there was widespread flooding round these parts, particularly at the afore-mentioned spot outside Ruislip Manor station where the road dips sharply on both sides to pass under the railway bridge. If I can be bothered I may slip out later and see if it has happened again.

Before I go, here is the rain radar map. The purple bit, virtually as wet as it can get, is centred right over Ruislip. Innit marvellous?
Courtesy of weather

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