Sunday, May 24, 2020

Ringing the Changes

Skimming gently through the BBC news web site this pleasant Sunday morning, I noticed the following snippet. Before I clicked to see what the story was about, I became stuck on what this headline is intended to mean. See what you think.


The possibilities include:
  • A lost ring was returned to a woman but sadly she was then swept away in a flood
  • A lost ring was returned to a woman but was then swept away in a flood and so lost again
  • The ring magically returned itself to its owner after her flood trauma
  • After a ring was lost to a woman in a flood, it was found and returned by the finder.

I'm afraid that the last of these options is the basis for the story.


Readers!: Can you find any more ways of explaining the story behind the headline? Send in your entries to the usual address, marked "Utter waste of time competition".

The Editor's decision will be final, but irrelevant, as there is no prize for the best entry, nor will we be publishing it in this column or anywhere else; in fact it is unlikely we will even read the entries but it's always nice to have something for the cat to shred.

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